Code of Conduct

The Scoop Taylor Summer Slam (the "Tournament") requires all players, coaches, officials, parents and spectators to abide by a "Code of Conduct" that embodies basic common sense principles, demonstrates consideration of others, and reflects well on the great game of lacrosse. Individuals and/or teams participating in the Tournament, as well as members of their group, that fail to abide by the Code of Conduct will be subject to ejection and disqualification from the Tournament in the future. The directors of the Tournament reserve the right to report violations of the Code of Conduct to the board of directors of relevant lacrosse leagues and programs, and this will be done.

Coaches are ultimately responsible to ensure compliance with the Code of Conduct during the Tournament and are expected not only to communicate the Tournament's expectations to their players, assistant coaches, parents and spectators, but to help the Tournament and its officials promote behavior consistent with Tournament philosophy.

The Code of Conduct

Players, coaches, officials, parents and spectators are to conduct themselves in a manner that "Honors the Game," demonstrates respect for others and is consistent with the businesslike operation of the Tournament for the benefit of everyone involved. Sportsmanship and fair and honorable play are essential to the overall success of the Tournament.

The emphasis on winning should never be placed above the value of good sportsmanship, the concepts of fair and honorable play, or the spirit of the game. Poor sportsmanship, taunting, trash talking, fighting or other unbecoming behavior on the part of players, coaches, parents or spectators will not be tolerated. Unsportsmanlike conduct will minimally result in a 1 minute non-releasable penalty, but officials are authorized to handle such conduct in their reasonable judgment based on the circumstances, including ending the game (which will be treated as a forfeit by each team regardless of "who did what"). Poor sportsmanship may also result in ejectment from the game or the facility.

Only head coaches are permitted to address the officials; coaches are expected to do so in a courteous manner. Adults involved with the game are not permitted to openly or maliciously criticize, badger, harass, or threaten an official. Derogatory comments are unacceptable and subject to discipline, including ejectment.

Alcohol is not permitted at the Tournament venues.

Officials are expected to conduct themselves as professionals and in a manner that demonstrates courtesy and fairness to all parties while exercising their authority on the field.

Eligibility requirements, such as age and previous level of participation, must be followed. They have been established to encourage and maximize participation, as well as promote safety. The Tournament relies on the good faith of coaches and players as well as their representations regarding age during the registration process.

The Tournament expects all coaches to understand the rules of the Tournament and communicate them to members of the team and the team's entourage. Head coaches may report any issues regarding officials and/or other teams to field managers, Tournament directors or their representatives at Tournament headquarters. The Tournament will use its reasonable efforts to address any concerns with such officials, the field managers, the Assigning Official(s) and/or such coaches, as appropriate in their discretion.

Please be advised that Tournament directors expect compliance with this Code of Conduct and the "Honor the Game" philosophy to obviate the need for investigative activity or to adjudicate disputes. Such activity represents a major distraction from efforts to oversee an enjoyable Tournament and a fun day of lacrosse for everyone.

Tournament directors reserve the right to adopt and implement such other rules or regulations as it determines are necessary or appropriate to further the goals and objectives of the Tournament.

Thank you for your help in promoting these principles and the Tournament's "Honor the Game" philosophy.