Format and Rules 

Scoop Taylor Game Rules

  • All games are STOP CLOCK

  • 4th, 5th & 6th Grade --14 Minute Halves

  • 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th Grade -- 16 Minute Halves

1. The team listed to the right of schedule is considered the HOME TEAM. They will provide the game ball and a score keeper.

2. HALFTIME: 4 - minute halftime.

3. TIME OUTS: Each team has 3 full-time outs per game. One additional time out for OT period in addition to what they have remaining.


  • One on one on the 10th foul of the half, never get to 2 shot fouls except of course on shooting fouls
  • Player disqualified on 6th foul
  • Players Move on the release

6 . Head coach may stand in designated coaches box area and is allowed to call time out. Assistant coaches cannot stand during game action.

7. OVERTIME: Each team receives an additional full timeout in addition to what they have remaining.

  • 1st OT 3 Minutes
  • 2nd OT 2 Minutes

Running Clock Rule

All games are stop clock.  There is an exception however:

A running clock can be used in the 2nd half only, if there is a 20 point score difference and BOTH coaches agree to use a running clock. This is not the referee's decision to make; it is a coach decision.  If the score difference gets back to 10, the game can revert back to a stop clock.  Note that the clock will stop on all shooting fouls regardless; don't want the clock to run out while a player is on the line.